Enterprise Introduction

Enterprise Introduction

About Us

Chongqing North Enterprises Co., Ltd. has traded since 1997. 

Normeco is trademark registered legally in China, German and USA market. Normeco impact sockets, especially produced for professional impact tools are the best in design, material, the production technique and quality control, widely applied in Automotive, Industrial, Assembly, Heavy Duty, Mining, Maintenance, Construction, Power and Wind Power Industries. It carries a complete line of Impact Sockets  It also has a selection of Impact Star drivers, Impact Hex drivers,Triple Square drivers, stripped nut/wheel lock removers and torque limiting extensions.  

Normeco Pneumatic Impact Sockets and accessories conform t Federal Specification GGG-W-660A and DIN 3121 & 3129, are manufactured with Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel to meet industrial professional personnel and special tools requirements. 

They carry Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.